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Kids and Adult Exercise Trampolines, Folding Mini-Trampolines, Rebounder

Baby/Nursery/Toddler Junior/Jr. Folding Trampoline (Pre-K PreSchool Pre-School Kids Foldable Trampoline Bouncer). A junior/jr. trampoline with an easy grip handle to encourage children to exercise and keep fit. The BABY FOLDING TRAMPOLINE is great for developing gross motor skills. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the trampoline has a tough weatherproof mat and tublar steel frame with a durable coated finish. For extra safety, the TODDLER TRAMPOLINE, includes a padded cover around the mat cushions the frame and prevents children from stepping through the bungee cord.  (Kid's Trampoline, Child PreK Mini-Trampoline, Kids Bouncer Jumper).

EASY STORAGE: The handle simply screws off and the legs fold down providing flat area for easy storage.

Meets ASTM USA Standards :   ASTM is the leader and most recognized name in safety standards.

Lifetime Warranty on Frame Tubes.

Retail Value: $110.

Adult Assembly Required.

Maximum Capacity: 77 pounds (35 Kg)

Assembled Size:  - 11.5" Leg Height, 32 1/4" Floor to Top of Handle, Frame - 33 3/4" x 33 3/4"

Wt: Approx 17 lbs.    

Shipping Carton Size:  21" x 18" x 5"


Portable/Folding 40 in. Trampoline 4-Way Quad-Fold w/Padded Handle (Stabilizer) Bar - Spring into exercise action with the 40 in. Folding Exercise Fitness Trampoline. It gives you a fun workout that builds strength, cardiovascular capacity and balance without jarring the body like other exercises. Rebound Exercise fulfills all four requirements of effective exercise: Strength Aerobic capability Flexibility Endurance. The greatest benefits of more vigorous exercise is the increase of oxygen. Increased oxygen helps us burn more calories, destroys toxins, gets rid of bacteria and fungus and stimulates cardiovascular health. Similar Product Category: Needak Soft Bounce Urban Rebounder Folding Exercise Mini-Trampoline Stamina InTone Jogger Foldable Jump King.

Perfect For Aerobics & Cardiovascular Exercise! Builds Stamina & Endurance! Not To Mention Low Impact & Lots of Fun!

  • Quarter-Fold: Folds in 4 for portability and compact storage.
  • Includes Carry/Travel Bag
  • Sets up in minutes.
  • Padded handle (stabilizer) bar for comfort and stability.
  • 6 (Six) screwed on 1" legs for extra support and stability. Detachable for compact storage.
  • Detachable handle (stabilizer) bar for compact storage.
  • Spring cover enhances product and ensures additional safety near the frame edges.
  • Ultra sturdy steel construction. Heavy Duty gauge steel frame, legs and handle bar.
  • Time tested design attached with high tech welding process. Safe and secure.
  • Jump Mat: Industrial grade polypropylene fabric. Heavy-Duty edge banding on both top and bottom surfaces.
  • Heavy duty micro-wove PE mesh mat provides a resilient jumping surface for hours of enjoyment.
  • Leg Tips - Industry standard plus reinforcing metal plate for long life. Synthetic rubber material that won't mar your floors.
  • 32 Heavy Duty metal springs bands together the jump mat and frame to create elasticity and soft bounce.
  • Non-Toxic LEAD-FREE Paint.
  • Max Load: 300 lbs
  • Trampoline Diameter: 40"
  • Jump Mat Height: Approx 10"
  • Adjustable Handle Bar Height: 35", 40", 45"
  • Frame Tube: 1" Heavy Gauge
  • Product Weight: Approx. 24 lbs.
  • Shipping Carton: Approx 34" x 15" x 5";
  • Shipping Weight: Approx 28 lbs.

Portable/Folding 40 Trampoline Quad-Fold w/Handle Bar (Urban Rebounder/Needak Soft Bounce)

A rebounder or "mini trampoline" exercises every single cell in your body! When rebounding, you achieve a unique force of weightlessness that is compounded by an increased G-force, on average of 200 times per minute. This stress is not concentrated on one area of your body. It is placed on every cell, not just muscle cells. Because of this, rebounding is uniquely a true whole-body exercise. Studies have found that regular use of a rebounder can improve:
  • Endurance
  • Muscle mass
  • Involuntary muscles of the digestive system
  • Bone density
  • The Lymphatic system
  • Vision
  • Balance and coordination
  • Metabolism
  • Circulatory System
  • Cholesteral
In short, rebounding offers:
  • More healthy heart
  • Ability to avoid illness and recover from illness more quickly, better eyesight (this is done by focusing on an object while jumping - the constant refocusing that your movement forces exercises and improves your vision)
  • Improved balance and agility (this is enhanced by closing your eyes while rebounding as a balance 'exercise'
  • More efficient circulatory system
  • Less fatigue through strengthened glandular system
  • Higher metabolism rate, which helps the body burn calories faster!
  • "Fountain of Youth" - Rebounding slows the aging process by exercising every cell in your body

According to a NASA conducted study of astronaut post-mission strengthening, they concluded that rebounding is 68% more efficient than jogging when compared to jogging on a treadmill. They also concluded that rebounding using a quality mini trampoline is a safer exercise. They found that the G-force was almost identical at the angle, back and forehead, "and well below the rupture threshold". In contrast, the found that jogging concentrates all of the impact stress on the ankle and knee, which dramatically increases the risk of injury.

"It was easy to assemble, it works great. It's safe, stable, and my kids love it! It was much cheaper and superior to others I found online. " -- San Diego, CA

"Oh my...finally found an exercise I ENJOY. I turn on my favorite show and bounce away. Works even ab muscles. Easy to put to together...travels well. Just took to the beach and folded and traveled so easily. " -- Alabama

"I got this for my 2 kids, ages 6 & 3, mostly because they jump on my furniture, which I don't approve of. They love it! It's sturdy and stable, and from what I read trampolines with springs are more durable; I'd have to agree. I like how it has 6 legs for a lot of stability, instead of the usual 4. I love how it folds up and fits into a tote bag making it easy to transport. I am pleased with my purchase and my kids have had LOADS of fun with this trampoline. I would recommend this product to anyone. " -- Minneapolis, MN

"Excellent exercise! A bouncy experience!! Makes for a good workout in less time and more energy. Be innovative and create your own workout program. Good value compared to others that cost much more. Easy to assemble. Highly recommendable. " -- S. Carolina

This trampoline was a great value. Other comparable items on different web sites were being sold for a much higher price. The stabilizer bar is great for novice users or people who don't trust their balance. I would not get one without the bar. Some companies charge more for it as an add-on but this one came with the bar. The usable area is much smaller than the 40" size but the usable area is plenty big to bounce on. the "carrying bag" will never get used, and is just a nylon tote. Unless you are taking the trampoline apart and carrying it around you will not need it. Mine is set up and never moves. Assembly takes just a few minutes. It does NOT come with a CD of any exercise instructions or suggestions. Don't know how much weight it is intended to support but I weigh just over 200lbs and it is just fine. It is a lot of fun and really gets you moving! " -- Houston, TX

Portable/Folding 40 in. Exercise Fitness Trampoline Quad-Fold w/Handle Bar (Rebounder/Soft Bounce).



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